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Terms and Conditions


Minimum age of driver:18 years (restrictions apply). Young driver (18-25 y.o.) surcharge RUB 300/day
Minimum time driving license held:1 day (restrictions apply)
registration in Moscow not required;
Russian citizenship not required.


National or travel passport
Entry visa or immigration card
National drivers license.

Payment Terms

100% prepayment by cash / plastic card / bank transfer
Upon early return, the tariff is being re-calculated
Upon late return (in excess1 hour grace period) extra day is charged.

Other important information

minimum rentallength one day (24 hours) from pick-up time
pick-up and return in office hours only;
pick up and return outside rental station are available for clients at extra charge and are to be ordered min. 8 hours prior to desired time;
cars may be driven on the whole territory of Russia except for the Caucasus region. Contact Penguin for driving outside Russia additional insurance package is to be purchased in advance
dailykilometers limit 200 km. Excess kilometers are charged extra. Unlimitedkilometers are available at extra charge for rental lengthover 5 days.


Base tariff includes Third party liability insurance (TPL) and DOES NOT include damage and theft (CASCO) insurance. CASCO insurance is offered at extra cost (by purchasing CDWA package).

A deposit is blocked on your credit card. You may also pay deposit in cash.

A deposit covers Renters is liability for damage caused by his/her fault or theft of car or any of its parts in the specified amount provided the Renter complies with the Car Rental contract and submits police reports in case of accident/theft.

If damage is caused by an identified third party and the Renter submits police reports in full, the Renters liability is null.

The Rental may waive his/her liability by purchasing CDWA package. Though, the requirement to submit police reports remains.

Important: if the Renter does not purchase CDWA package, or breaks the terms of the Rental contract, as well as fails to submit police reports, the Renter is fully liable for the damage caused to Penguin. Penguin may charge the Renters credit card with the total damage amount or sue the Renter in court.

A deposit is our guarantee for your compliance with the rental contract. After you return the car and settle the bill, your deposit will be released.

We urge you to book your car in advance. For more information, please call +7 (495)790-1784. To make reservation, simply fill in our on-line web form.

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